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36", 48", & 60" Rectilinear Tables
Rectilinear Bilevel Table
Rectilinear Bilevel Table Description
The focal point of Generation IV line around which other products were designed. Provides essential optimum adjustability for intensive keyboard work. Use in stand-alone or workstation configuration.
Overall Surface
24"w x 30"d
36"w x 30"d
48"w x 30"d
60"w x 30"d
VDT Surface
24"w x 17"d
36"w x 17"d
38"w x 17"d
60"w x 17"d
Keyboard Surface
24"w x 12"d
36"w x 12"d
48"w x 12"d
60"w x 12"d
Keyboard Slide
Keyboard Height Range
23" - 36.5"
23" - 36.5"
23" - 36.5"
23" - 36.5"
VDT Height Range
25" - 39"
25" - 39"
25" - 39"
25" - 39"
Ship Weight
96 lb
104 lb
120 lb
136 lb
Keyboard Slide
6" front to rear
6" front to rear
6" front to rear
Price (select one to order)

*Also available without keyboard slide for $30 less.

Please choose a Steel Frame Finish Color:
Charcoal Frame Finish
Tan Frame Finish
Light Grey Frame Finish
 Light Grey

Please choose a Top Laminate Color:
English Dark Oak Laminate
 English Dark Oak
Finnish Light Oak Laminate
 Finnish Light Oak
Folkstone Laminate

Beige Laminate

Folkstone Grafix Laminate
 Folkstone Grafix
Beige Grafix Laminate
 Beige Grafix
A note about vinyl waterfall edge:

If you select a laminate with a vinyl waterfall edge, you must select a color for the edge. If you would like the edge of your table top to match the laminate color, please scroll down for post formed edge choices.

A note about post-formed edge:

Post formed edge laminates wrap around the surface, and match the laminate color chosen. Folkstone Grafix is shown at left. If you chose a laminate with a post formed edge, there is no need to choose an edge color.

Please choose an edge color:

Charcoal Vinyl Waterfall Edge
Light Grey Vinyl Waterfall Edge
 Light Grey
Tan Vinyl Waterfall Edge
Post Formed Edge Example

 Post Formed


Need Help? Click here for instructions on building a workstation

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