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How To Build A Workstation
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About SIS Workstations:
SIS Workstation Components are a complete line of adjustable free-standing computer support furniture which offer ultimate flexibility with the option of cranking your table height to your desired position. Most tables are designed with a depth of 24" or 30" to conform to most panel systems. Almost all of the workstation components feature crank height adjust (left and right handed) from 23" (keyboard) to 39" (VDT) to fit seated or standing workers.
Step One: Find a starting point: Workstation Example
The example pictured here has three components. Starting from the left: A. single surface split table, B. infill (pie-shaped space filler), and C. our most popular organic combi-corner workstation (note the curved edge). Your starting point would be the combi-corner workstation (C) or the split level table (A). For more examples click here, or scroll down to the bottom of this page for clickable image maps. After you have chosen your basic worksurface, if desired, you may add contiguous tables. When doing this, one must be aware of the following protocol:
  1. Basic worksurface depth (where meeting with a possible contiguous table or infill). This will be either 24" or 30".
  2. Basic or organic shape surfaces (organics are the new modern non-square or non-rectangle shapes).
It may sound like a lot of choices, but we have tried to make things as easy as possible. For example, the possibilities are endless as far as shaping of the finished workstation. However, there are some limitations if you choose to combine the organic shapes (curved edges) with the regular components (straight edges). These are explained in the next section.
Step Two: Select a top laminate finish color:
All of the workstation component pages have a top laminate color choice. There are six colors to choose from. When you select a color, you must also select what type of edge you would like. The regular Generation IV workstation components (straight edges) are available with a post formed edge that matches the top laminate color chosen, or a vinyl waterfall edge with a choice of three different colors. The Organic workstation components (curved edges) are only available with the vinyl waterfall edge. Workstation Example

If you want the workstation to be completely color-coordinated and you have chosen a mixture of Organic components and Generation IV components as shown here, you will need to be sure to order all with the vinyl waterfall edge. This insures you have all components with the same color. Generation IV has no restrictions, and Organic are available only with a vinyl waterfall edge. May we suggest choosing an edge color that matches closely with your top laminate color for coordination.

Step Three: Select a frame finish color:
After you have decided on the color for the top of each component, you will need to choose a color for the frame. Both of our examples above are shown with a charcoal color frame, which is our most popular.

With our new shopping cart you can change your mind as often as you like. At the top right of your screen is your cart summary, displayed when you have items in your cart. Any time during your building of a workstation you can click the "view" link in your shopping cart summary and go to your cart. If you would like to change the color of any component, simply click the "change" graphic next to that item in your cart. The shopping cart remembers what you selected, and will allow you to make changes without deleting the product and ordering it all over again.

Step Four: Decide on Storage Components:
Steel Storage file cabinets are heavy duty with twin locking casters, great for storing paper, files, and supplies.
Start building a workstation:
Where would you like to start? First, pick your basic work surface:

Bilevel - when your monitor and keyboard surfaces need to be adjusted independently throughout the day, whether sitting or standing. (Our most popular and convenient starting point is the Organic combi-corner workstation.)

Single Surface - when one desires a flat single surface (desk) that is adjustable in height for various users or work protocoal and may be used sitting or standing.

Scroll down or click here for more examples, and we have also listed some workstation requirements and starting points here:

More Information:
If you would like more information on building a workstation, or just more ideas, here are two examples that take advantage of the organic shapes. Each example is a clickable image map that will take you directly to the component. All SIS workstation component pages have a link back to this page for your convenience.

Note: When you move your cursor over the pictured workstation components in the example below, the model number will appear in the text box located between the rows of workstation examples.

Workstation Example - 5 components
5 components: (clockwise from top left) Model 5121, Model 5122, Model 5727, and Models 5637 and 5638 combined
Workstation Example - 3 components
3 components: (counter-clockwise from top right) Model 5415, Model 5304, and Model 5412
Workstation Example - 3 components
3 components: (counter-clockwise from top right) Model 5775, Model 5310, and Model 5700

Workstation Example - 2 components
2 components: left: side surface Model 5699, right: Model 5121
Workstation Example - 2 components
2 components: left: Model 5122, right: side surface Model 5695
Workstation Example - 4 components
2 components: (counter-clockwise from bottom left) Infill Model 5699, and Model 5421

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Infills and Side Surfaces
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