Workrite 3175-N Budget Pinnacle™ Adjustable Arm - 17TG | 22TG

3175-N Budget Pinnacle Adjustable Arm

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3175-xxTG Pinnacle Adjustable Arm
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The WorkRite Pinnacle 2™ Budget Arm is the value minded choice in the new generation of the highly acclaimed PinnacleArm®. More economical than the original Pinnacle 2, it offers a track with nylon bearings vs. stainless steel. Still has the easy-read TiltRite™ gauge and full-range tilt support, the Pinnacle 2 keyboard arm offers unprecedented smoothness and adjustability for maximum comfort.

  • Superior Tilt Range: Pinnacle 2 offers ease of operation and encourages healthy seating postures. At the computer; talking on the phone; taking a break; no time is lost in customizing the chair to fit your individual full range positive and negative tilt with a single arm to accommodate the optimal position for different needs.
  • Easy-Read Visual: The Pinnacle 2 tilt gauge is conveniently located on the top of the arm for easy viewing.
  • Adjustable Dual Spring Assist: The dual counterbalance lift assist spring is preset at the factory for optimal performance. However, with the unique combination of adjustability and dual springs, the Pinnacle 2 enables users to adjust the spring to accommodate most keyboard platforms.
  • Easy Adjustability: WorkRite was the first to develop incremental tilt capability that does not effect height adjustment or require a tightening or clamping knob. With particular focus on employee comfort and convenience, Pinnacle 2 features an incremental tilt that is adjustable by simply rotating the knob to increase or decrease to the recommended tilt angle. This helps to maintain a straight wrist position for employees with a repetitive strain injury such as carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS).
  • Durability: All WorkRite Pinnacle 2 adjustable keyboard arms meet or exceed the ANSI/BIFMA X5.5-1998 standards for performance, durability, and cycle testing. All Pinnacle 2 products carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty.
Note: Platforms mounted on the shallow track arm (#3175-17N) may not completely retract under the worksurface in stored position.
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