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Workrite Product List By Model Number
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120  WristRester Model 120
128  WristRester Without Tray Model 128(discontinued)
141  Steelcase Combo WristRester Model 141(discontinued)
143  Combo WristRester Model 143(discontinued)
144  Desktop Combo WristRester Model 144
145  Desktop Combo WristRester Model 145
160  WristRester Edge Model 160(discontinued)
170-TG  Locking Lever Adjustable Arm Model 170-TG
171-TG  Arm Model 171-TG no longer available -- see Model 170
177  Mounting Spacers Model 177
178  Mounting Spacers Model 178
179  Corner Diagonals Model 179-CD, 179-CCD, 179-CR, 179-ACD
180  27" Straight-away Keyboard Only Platform Model 180
180s  Combo-Platform with Bilateral Mouse Slide Model 180s
182  25" Straight-away Keyboard Mouse Combo Platform Model 182
183  26" Straight-away Keyboard Mouse Combo Platform Model 183
185  27" Straight-away Keyboard Mouse Combo Platform Model 185
186  28" Straight-away Keyboard Mouse Combo Platform Model 186
187  Corner or Curved Radius Keyboard-Mouse Platform Models 187 & 487 (replace most previous Workrite models for such corners
187-15d  Combo-Platform for Alternative Keyboards Model 187-15d
188  Corner Combo-Platform Model 188
189  Straight Keyboard Platform (replaced with universal 187)
189-15d  Combo-Platform for Alternative Keyboards Model 189-15d
191   Right- or Left-Handed Combo-CAD Platform Model 191
210-Wide   Angle Adjustable FootRester Model 210
211-Wide   Angle Adjustable FootRester ESD Model 211
215-Wide  Height & Angle & Height Adjustable FootRester Model 215
216-Wide   Angle & Height Adjustable FootRester ESD Model 216
230  Height & Production FootRester Model 230
235   Production FootRester ESD Model 235
2100FT   Mouse-Above™ Keyboard Platform Model 2100FT
2100n   Mouse-Above™ Combo-Platform For Natural Keyboard(replaced by model 2110rln)
2110rl   Mouse-Under™ Reversible Combo-Platform Model 2110rl
2110rln   Mouse-Under™ Reversible Combo-Platform For Natural Keyboard Model 2110rln
2128 - 2133   Banana Board System™ Keyboard/Mouse Model 2128 & 2133
2176-xxTG  Paramount TM Adjustable Arm (has been replaced by Pinnacle AD Adjustable Arm model 3176)
2179-SP  Swivel Plate Model 2179-SP
2180-Adapter  2180 Adapter to allow 2180s or 2180sn to be attached to the PowerLift
2180s  Banana-Board ™ Corner Combo Platform Model 2180s
2181sn  Banana-Board ™ Keyboard Platform Model 2181sn
2400  TravelRiteTM Laptop Stand
2420  GeminiTM - Industrial Grade Adjustable Arms (replaces Powerlift)
2440  GeminiTM - Industrial Grade Adjustable Arms (replaces Powerlift)
2550  Rite-In-Line ™ Document and Writing Platform Model 2550
2560  Rite-In-Line ™ Document and Writing Platform Model 2560
317d  Bi-Wing Corner Combo Platform(replaced by model 2180s)
317rl   Compact Reversible Combo Platform Model 317rl
317rln   Natural Reversible Platform 317rln replaced with 2181sn
3170-xxTG  Pinnacle 2™ Adjustable Arm Model 3170-xxTG (replaces the 2170-xxTG Arm)
3170-P2NPT  Workrite Arm No Positive Tilt Kit Model 3170-P2NPT
3172  Pinnacle 2™ Extended Arm Model 3172 (Replaced Model 2172)
3175-N  Budget Pinnacle™ Adjustable Arm Model 3175xxN (Replaces model 2175)
3176-xxTG  Pinnacle AD TM Extended Reach Adjustable Arm
321d   Bi-Wing Corner Combo Platform(replaced by model 2180s)
321rl  Reversible Corner Combo Platform Model 321rl
321rln  Natural Reversible Platform 317rln replaced with 2181sn
340  Curved Corner Combo-Platform Model 340 (see model substitution)
341  Curved Corner Combo-Platform Model 341 (see model substitution)
342  Curved Corner Combo-Platform Model 342 (see model substitution)
343  Curved Corner Combo-Platform Model 343 (see model substitution)
345l  Left-Handed Mouse Forward WristRester Model 345l(discontinued)
345ln  Left-Handed Mouse Forward WristRester Model 345ln(discontinued)
345r  Right-Handed Mouse Forward WristRester Model 345r(discontinued)
345rn  Right-Handed Mouse Forward WristRester Model 345rn(discontinued)
383rl  Reversible Straight Combo-Platform - replaces Dual-handed model 383d
385rl  Reversible Straightaway Combo-Platform Model 385rl
385rln  Natural Platform has been replaced with Model 2110 Mouse Under
386rl  Reversible Straightaway Combo-Platform Model 386rl
386rln  Natural Platform has been replaced with Model 2110 Mouse Under
401  PowerLiftTM - Non-Retractable Model 401xx
411   PowerLiftTM - Retractable Model 411-xx-yyd
440  Curved Corner Combo-Platform Split-Pad Model 440 (see model substitution)
441  Curved Corner Combo-Platform Split-Pad Model 441 (see model substitution)
442  Curved Corner Combo-Platform Split-Pad Model 442 (see model substitution)
443  Curved Corner Combo-Platform Split-Pad Model 443 (see model substitution)
482  Straightaway Combo-Platform Split-Pad Model 482
483  Straightaway Combo-Platform Split-Pad Model 483
485  Straightaway Combo-Platform Split-Pad Model 485
486  Straightaway Combo-Platform Split-Pad Model 486
487  Corner Combo-Platform Split-Pad Model 487
487-15d  Combo-Platform for Alternative Keyboards Split-Pad Model 487-15d
488  Corner Combo-Platform Split-Pad Model 488
489  Straightaway Combo-Platform Split-Pad Model 489
489-15d  Combo-Platform for Alternative Keyboards Split-Pad Model 489-15d
6CC  Two-Piece C-Clamp Model 6CC
6EC  Extended C-Clamp Model 6EC
6GC  Grommet Clamp Model 6GC
6WB  Wall Bracket Model 6WB
655-LP-6CC  MonitorMover Double Arm (see replacements)
655-SP-6CC  MonitorMover Double Arm (see replacements)
900  Vertical CPU Holder Model 900
SACB  C-Clamp Base Conversion Kit Model SACB
SAGB  Grommet Base Mounting Kit Model SAGB
Vu Ryte  Monitor Stacker Riser VuRyte(discontinued)
If you are looking to replace a specific WorkRite part and know the part number of the item you need to replace, you can use the Part Cross Reference to determine and order any newer replacements for that part.


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