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Workrite General Configuration Information

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Back Be Nimble not only offers many back pain relief products, but also presents products that have been engineered to adapt humans to their working environment. Workrite Ergonomics products and accessories have set standards for creating efficient, productive and posture friendly work surfaces or task stations.

Workrite Ergonomic Platforms, Adjustable Arms and Ergonomic Accessories have been proven to enhance work place productivity, by offering a wide array of computer, data entry, reading and writing solutions that consider the posture, health and comfort of the user. Such solutions save space, make input devices more accessible and offer the flexibility to work for multiple users.

Workrite is the choice of many high tech software and technology companies is both the Silicon Valley or in developing areas like the Silicon Slopes.

Our customers are generally looking for the best in class for every type of product we offer. Workrite ergonomic product are unsurpassed in their field for the following reasons:

  • Platforms are offered in many configurations and sizes to fit any application

  • Workrite Platform and Adjustable Arm Combos create a "system" like the ubiquitous (Banana Board) offering extreme versatility. All systems are extremely durable using steel ball bearings for glide mechanisms vs. nylon glides seen in competitive products or at big box stores.

  • Many of the platform/arm systems allow full retractibility underneath the worksurface when not in use.

  • Some of Workrite's configurations will also allow enough range of motion above the worksurface to facilitate working for either SITTING OR STANDING USE

Please note that many Workrite products are available for "QuickShip".

  1. If you are looking for a Workrite product that you are familiar with, you may refer to our Complete Workrite Product List, a numerical list by model number OR; utilize the Workrite Product Category List, presenting products grouped according to function.


  • Please note that, unless you already have an arm attached to your worksurface, you will need to order either a Pinnacle Adjustable Arm, or heavy-duty Gemini Movement Device for ergonomic positioning and attachment of the platform to the worksurface.
  • The purpose of a Workrite platform is to create a surface for easy data entry using a keyboard, mouse, or other input device.
  • The purpose of an adjustable Workrite Pinnacle 2 Arm or heavy-duty Gemini Movement Device is to facilitate greater mobility and variable positioning that allows healthy posture of the user while working at any task, in any position. In most cases the arms also allow the keyboard/mouse/input device and platform to be retract in an out-of-the-way position under the worksurface when not in use.
  • Many platform choices are available and are made either of 1/2 in.thick classic melamine; or the newer ultrathin version (1/4 inch thick and composed of a sturdy composite plastic). The two styles are denoted by "C" and "U" preceding the model number, respectively. Although the ultrathin version is slightly more expensive, it does provide a little increased knee room when retracted under the worksurface and greatly exceeds the classic version in popularity.
  • Please note that all Gemini and Pinnacle devices require installation to a flat portion on the underneath surface of the worksurface. A minimum of a 17" deep by 7" wide, clear, flat surface is required to utilize these Workrite arms. Also note that the deeper the glide tract that is ordered (range from 17" to 28"), the further the platform will retract under the table. Therefore, if you want the most retractibility, then you would want the maximum depth(i.e. 28"). Remember though, the 28" track requires a 28" deep x 7" wide clear mounting space underneath the worksurface.
  • If there are wire aprons, a front lip, or other vertical/hanging protruberances beneath the worksurface, then one may compensate for such with "spacers" that can be ordered as an option. These spacers move the attaching surface of the arm further away from the bottom of the worksurface in order to clear the protruberant items beneath the desk.
  • If your workstation front surface is neither straight nor a smooth radius, then the total solution may require a "Corner Diagonal" acting to fill-in the space to make the worksurface more streamlined and aesthetically pleasing. This also provides a more extended worksurface space.
  1. Important questions about the user:

    • Will there be single or multiple users for the workstation?
    • Will the workstation be supporting one keyboard or multiple keyboards?
    • If multiple keyboards, will any of them be a natural, split and/or an ergonomic (natural) keyboard?
    • Will any of the user(s) be utilizing a mouse? If so, will there need to be provisions for left and right handed mouse users? Will this need to be adapted quickly and or frequently? If so, you may require a cockpit type platform (e.g. The Banana Board System), presenting both a left and right handed mouse area. Reversible platforms are also an option because they can be detached, flipped over, and rebolted to the arm for the opposite hand.
    • Will any of the users be needing to work in a standing position? If so, you will likely desire one of Workrite's Gemini Arms.

  2. Important questions about the workstation(desk):

    • Is the front of the worksurface straight, curved(radius), right-angled diagonal, or some other unconventional shape?
    • Does the workstation currently have a keyboard platform support arm attached to the bottom of the desk? If so, do you plan on using the current arm to support a new platform? -- If so, we would prefer to know the make and model # of your current arm so we can help match your arm to one of the Workrite platforms.
    • Will the keyboard/mouse platform need to be able to fully retract under the worksurface when not in use?
    • Is there a desk drawer in the area where you want a keyboard platform/arm? If so, then you will have to remove it to install a keyboard platform support arm.

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