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ViscoSpot Heel Cushion The ViscoSpot, is specially developed for the treatment of plantar tendopathy. An area of softer silicone is incorporated on the medial side of the cushion, the area most sensitive to plantar fasciitis pain. ViscoSpot is also medially posted to redirect pressure.
    ViscoSpot Indications
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Fat pad atrophy
  • Heel spurs

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Mens 3.5 - 7.5 - Womens 5 - 9

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Mens 8 - 12.5+ - Womens 9.5+

Quantity: $56.95 each pair
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    ViscoSpot Advantages
  • Non-compressible, viscoelastic heel cushions
  • Reduce peak shock loads to joints and the vertebral columns thereby relieving strain to tendons and muscles.
  • Even pressure distribution throughout the cushion
  • Always available in pairs, Viscoheels may be easily converted from one shoe to another
Note: Due to federal regulations on disease transmission, foot products are excluded from our 30 day return policy and may not be returned for exchange or refund.

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