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TheraGear Ball Chair

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TheraGear Active Sitting Ball Chair
Exercise Ball Chair TheraGear Ball Chair: formerly the Sissel Pallone, offers relaxed, stress-free seating for young and those of us who want to feel young. The air filled ball reduces the pressure on the seat area, thus encouraging a relaxed, aligned posture while sitting. TheraGear relieves stress on the intevertebral discs, strengthens the back and encourages spinal alignment in a natural position. Therapeutic ball chairs naturally encourage user motion, thus eliminating unilateral strain on muscles that can result from prolonged sitting.

TheraGear: The alternative office chair provides more flexibility and freedom of movement. TheraGear Ball chairs come standard with rolling casters.
This is a favorite with children (11 yrs +) and highly recommended by orthopedic specialists, THERAGEAR BALL puts an end to unhealthy sitting habits. Offers optimum freedom of movement, and encourages you or your child to change their sitting posture. Dynamic active sitting promotes proper posture development and keeps users from developing poor sitting habits. Compare the comfort and the versatility of the this ball chair to your present chair.

Model Description:
  • Includes 52cm black anti-burst balance ball and pump.
  • Base is made from PVC.
  • Recommended for users 5' to 5'11" tall; 300-pound weight capacity.
BackBeNimble Shopping Cart Order FormTheraGearTM Ball Chair
with 22" Ball
Black Frame-Black Ball
Quantity: $77.95 each
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Product Notes:
  1. sislpalone2 - TheraGear Fit Ball Chair on Wheels

    Please note that all pictures other that top left are the old chair offered by Sissel.

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